Mum to Mum Doula Care



On your wedding day or buying your first house – indeed in all momentous occasions in our lives that will make a long lasting impact - we choose professional support.

Having a baby is no different in that respect.


A doula like me works to create a calm, gentle, safe environment - wherever you decide to birth your baby.


I offer non-medical, non-judgemental, reassurance and encouragement throughout pregnancy and birth, and practical and emotional support in the postnatal period.


There are also very practical aspects to doula care, including antenatal and birth venue visits, labour and birth attendance, follow-up care...and helping support you at home!


My name is Estelle and I am a qualified doula based in the West Midlands.


Your pregnancy, birth and the first weeks are incredibly important stages, so my role is to provide you with the vital information, support and guidance - meaning you can focus on yourself and your baby.


You will have access to my support and skills in your pregnancy, throughout labour and birth, and in the essential 4-week on-call period.


It is your choice whether I support you throughout the whole antenatal, birth and postnatal journey, or for a part of that.


My wishes as a birth and postnatal doula are to support, listen, nurture and care. I will encourage you to have the confidence in your choices; to empower you; to provide you with the strength and belief, and to create positive feelings about your birth and the start of your new life with your new baby.

Find out more about me and my training/experience and about what a doula does.


Please do contact me with any questions!


DBS-checked; member of Doula UK and holding a certificate in Paediatric First Aid.


Please find out more about my training, or do give me a call so I can answer any questions more fully..

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